2-7 Single Draw Poker Rules

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What is 2-7 Single Draw

2-7 Single Draw, also known as Kansas City Lowball is a poker variant of 2-7 Lowball Draw. In contrast to 2-7 Triple Draw, players instead have just one draw, and this format is played no-limit.

2-7 Single Draw Strategy

There is plenty of 2-7 Single Draw strategy guides available on PokerNews. Check them out:

Here are a few key pieces of advice when playing No-Limit 2-7 Single Draw:

  • Never play hands that need to draw two cards
  • Don't play hands that can make a straight by drawing one card
  • Three-bet strong four-card draws (7-low and 8-low), as your one-card draw is a favorite against most hands
  • Don't break hands for which drawing one card can only improve your hand by one spot (e.g., don't break 10x9x8x7x2x or Jx10x9x8x2x)
  • Aggression and position are both key

2-7 Single Draw Hand Rankings

The hand rankings for 2-7 Single Draw are the same as 2-7 Triple Draw.

2-7 Single Draw at the World Series of Poker (WSOP)

2-7 Single Draw Lowball is one of the most historic events at the World Series of Poker (WSOP) with at least one event held at every WSOP apart from one since 1973.

The first event was a $3,000 buy-in, before increasing to $5,000 from 1974-76. The buy-in increased again to a $10,000 freezeout from 1977-1985, apart from 1980 where the tournament allowed re-entries.

From 1986 until 2008, apart from when the event was not held in 1999, the 2-7 Single Draw Event was a $,000 buyin event that allowed for re-entries.

In 2009, the 2-7 Single Draw Championship buy-in was increased to $10,000. A lower $2,500 buy-in event was introduced, which was reduced to $1,500 from 2010 onwards.

2-7 Single Draw Championship Winners 1973-2019

YearBuy-inEntriesPrizepoolWinnerPayout (USD)
2019$10,00091$855,400Jim Bechtel$253,817
2018$10,00095$893,000Brian Rast$259,670
2017$10,00092$864,800John Monnette$256,610
2016$10,000100$940,000Jason Mercier$273,335
2015$10,00077$723,800Phil Galfond$224,383
2014$10,00087$817,800Paul Volpe$253,524
2013$10,00087$817,800Jesse Martin$253,524
2012$10,000101$949,400Nick Schulman$294,321
2011$10,000126$1,184,400John Juanda$367,170
2010$10,000101$949,400David "Bakes" Baker$294,321
2009$10,00096$902,400Nick Schulman$279,742
2008$5,000+R85$1,735,020Mike Matusow$537,862
2007$5,000+R78$1,476,000Erik Seidel$538,835
2006$5,000+R81$1,164,048Daniel Alaei$430,698
2005$5,000+R65$986,860David Grey$365,135
2004$5,000+R46$740,500Barry Greenstein$296,200
2003$5,000+R28$328,200O'Neil Longson$147,680
2002$5,000+R32$320,400Allen Cunningham$160,200
2001$5,000+R33$165,870Howard Lederer$165,870
2000$5,000+R30$325,000Jennifer Harman$146,250
1999Not held    
1998$5,000+R26$295,000Erik Seidel$132,750
1997$5,000+R32$365,000Johnny Chan$164,250
1996$5,000+R24$325,000Freddy Deeb$146,250
1995$5,000+R26$229,000John Bonetti$101,250
1994$5,000+R57$285,000Lyle Berman$128,250
1993$5,000+R58$290,000Billy Baxter$130,500
1992$5,000+R53$265,000Mickey Appleman$119,250
1991$5,000+R26$130,000John Spadavecchia$58,500
1990$5,000+R37$185,000John Bonetti$83,250
1989$5,000+R34$310,000Bob Stupak$139,500
1988$5,000+R38$350,000Seymour Leibowitz$157,500
1987$5,000+R37$340,000Billy Baxter$153,000
1986$5,000+R31$355,000Ronald Graham$142,000
1985$10,00019$190,000Tommy Fischer$95,000
1984$10,00021$210,000Dewey Tomko$105,000
1983$10,00021$210,000Dick Carson$105,000
1982$10,00019$190,000Billy Baxter$95,000
1981$10,00019$190,000Stu Ungar$95,000
1980$10,000+R19$250,000Sarge Ferris$150,000
1979$10,00015$150,000Bobby Baldwin$90,000
1978$10,00015$150,000Billy Baxter$90,000
1977$10,00011$110,000Bobby Baldwin$80,000
1976$5,00026$130,000Doyle Brunson$90,250
1975$5,0007$35,000Billy Baxter$35,000
1974$5,00016$80,000Bryan Roberts$35,850
1973$3,00011$33,000Aubrey Day$16,500

2-7 Single Draw $1,500/$2,500 Event Winners 2009-19

YearBuy-inEntriesPrizepoolWinnerPayout (USD)
2019$1,500296$399,600Yuval Bronshtein$96,278
2018$1,500260$351,000Daniel Ospina$87,678
2017$1,500266$359,100Frank Kassela$89,151
2016$1,500279$376,650Ryan D'Angelo$92,338
2015$1,500219$295,650Christian Pham$81,314
2014$1,500241$325,350Steven Wolansky$89,483
2012$1,500285$384,750Larry Wright$101,975
2011$1,500275$371,250Matt Perrins$102,105
2010$1,500250$337,500Yan Chen$92,817
2009$2,500147$338,100Phil Ivey$96,361
What is a "Number One" in 2-7 Single Draw?

"Number One" refers to the best hand in 2-7 Lowball Draw - 7x5x4x3x2x

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