ALL the Very Best Facebook Games to Play Today


Looking for the best Facebook games to play with your friends or when you are bored? This list is all you need.

This list doesn't feature every single Facebook game under the sun. Instead, it focuses on the best Facebook games to play.

You can play these games with your friends and when you are alone. All you need is an internet connection, a browser, and the time to get on a new adventure.

This list of Facebook games includes only free-to-play games, because you don't need to spend anything to have some good fun — if you know where to look for it.

Don't miss our top choices!

  1. Luckyland Slots featuring a range of slots, ensuring that there is one for you across different games and tournaments.
  2. Slotomania is the world's most downloaded collection of 'social' slot machine with exciting multi-player tournaments, missions, and more.
  3. House of Fun is exactly what the name says: a place where you find lots of exclusive games that are a lot of fun to play alone or with friends.
  4. WSOP Poker App is the official poker app of the World Series of Poker where you play real poker games with other people and start with a no deposit bonus of 1,000,000 free chips.

Some of the games you see on this page have reached millions of Facebook users already and continue to attract players with quality graphics and gameplay.

Many of them require logic, some rely on reflexes and quick decision making. Others, like you would expect from a site like PokerNews involve playing cards and are a great way to learn how to play poker.

Like our top choice...

1. Luckyland Slots

Play at Luckyland Slots

Providing a wide range of slots with even more slots being added regularly, you are now able to understand why Luckyland Slots is so popular.

Being able to register and login with Facebook, this makes it an easier way to join Luckyland Slots, with the addition of potential free coins as you join!

As a platform which features a collection of slots, you can play with Sweeps coins and redeem prizes for cash and more prizes.

Featuring a range of jackpot slots, you can be awarded millions of gold coins to plays to be able to continue the adventure through the popular slots such as Atlantis Infinity Reels, Lucky Duck, Snow Queen and so many more.

Being able to find out and play through the slots which are featured, you can start indulging yourself on the Luckyland Slots when you visit the site.

2. Slotomania

Slotomania Facebook Game


The next one on our list of the top Facebook games to play is Slotomania, a true icon in the world of free slots.

This popular Facebook game and comprehensive free-to-play mobile app by Playtika gathers titles with an array of different themes.

Be it fairytale-themed slots like Despicable Wolf or classic all-timers in the face of Rapid Fire, you'll definitely find your match.

There are daily quests, level-ups, and a ton of content to unlock as you play, so this app is never boring.

You will constantly receive free chips from various sources – even if you like to bet on the big side, you'd still have enough to go on.

Slotomania runs smoothly on the desktop via Facebook and mobile via its own dedicated mobile apps, making it among the finest additions to the list of Facebook games to play this year.

3. House of Fun

House fo Fun Popular Facebook Game


To conclude the podium, let's look at House of Fun, another massive hit coming from the Playtika's kitchens.

Available on Facebook and mobile devices, House of Fun is a collection of slot machines that features only exclusive games you won't find anywhere else on the internet.

Rather than giving you the same old Vegas slots, this game focuses on a totally different experience that, as the name says it's a lot of fun.

Just like Slotomania, there are quests and milestones to reach. Each of them boosts your account's volume, and let's face it – it's incredibly fun to spin and gather collectibles all the time.

You can even invite your Facebook friends and compete on who gets ahead faster!

All the action is free, so there's no need to spend any money on this game. You can buy additional coins if you want to, but we found that the amount of daily freebies is more than sufficient to stay busy for ages.

4. WSOP Poker app


On a site like PokerNews, including in this list with the official World Series of Poker (WSOP) app is almost an obvious choice.

Start the game and choose between the very best poker games you can find on Facebook.

Got time to play? Work your way through the app and battle at the tables to win a real WSOP bracelet in the only online game allowed to give them away.

And if you like more fast-paced action, head to the site's free cash games to play Texas hold'em and Omaha. With more than 3.4 million users registered to the game's Facebook page alone, there's always someone ready to play with you.

Now Play with Your Friends!

What's great about the WSOP poker Facebook game is that you can also use it to play with your friends online!

To start a 'virtual home game' for free, just sit at a cash game table and click on the '+' sign next to the empty seat.

WSOP Facebook App

After that, you and your friends can play poker together on this fun, entertaining, and surprisingly realistic Facebook game.

When you register to play WSOP Poker on Facebook you also have daily missions to complete, with each of those bringing you more chips to conquer the tables later.

The game features special Multipliers, Momentum, Active Effects, and even more exciting elements that contribute to make it the most action-packed poker game we have seen on Facebook in a long time.

You can take advantage of Total Recalls for added chips while joining a Club serves as a leaderboard in the game. Upon reaching Grand Masters status, you'd be ready to take on WSOP events for real!

You can play on WSOP Poker via Facebook (on this page) or you can download their apps if you want to bring them to your mobile device.

In that case, the correct links are:

You receive a massive welcome offer (i.e. no deposit free chips) as soon as you register — and there are new ways every day to refill your bankroll without spending any money.

5. Throne Rush

Throne Rush

An easy to play massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMROPG) title with friendly and intuitive gameplay.

If you are into strategy games and you like to take your time to think about every single move you take, Throne Rush is a great one to consider.

Labeled as one of the best Facebook games ever for strategy enthusiasts, this game sees you build a town center and various other buildings, train an army, and then fight against opponents from around the globe.

The visuals are very well well-designed and the battle simulations are super entertaining.

6. Zynga Poker

Texas Hold ‘Em Poker

Going back to card games and casino-related content, Zynga's Hold 'em is one the most advanced poker games on Facebook.

Be it to test your skills or just rumble for chips, the app is designed to offer a good variety of games and a fair poker action.

You can complete quests and milestones, sit at High Roller tables, and measure your expertise with lots of other players.

Zynga Poker v WSOP Poker: What is the Best Game?

If you have been on Facebook for 15+ years, you know what Zynga poker is. This title pioneered the world of Facebook games brining free poker to the masses.

Back in the days, the glory and diffusion of Zynga poker made everyone feel it could disrupt the industry so much that the days of sites like PokerStars and partypoker were almost counted.

Then - the future turned out to be different.

Today's Zynga Poker is a much lesser ambitious Facebook game with a solid fans base, but not much more than that.

Compared to the WSOP Poker app and Facebook game, the Zynga one is inferior in terms of software and offer. Zynga's games are less realistic and Zynga players can't access any of the goodies (WSOP bracelets and WSOP rings) available on the WSOP Poker game.

7. Criminal Case

Criminal Case

Criminal Case brings crime solving closer to online users with a terrific and popular Facebook game.

If you always guess who the murder is while watching a thriller on TV, this title might be your new favorite.

Following CIA and FBI-like investigations, this Facebook game allows you to slip into your detective self and catch bad guys without leaving your chair.

There are some in-game purchases but none of them is crucial to the game. Also, you you can gather in-game currency and upgrade your tools as you play.

8. NCIS: Hidden Crimes

NCIS: Hidden Crimes

Another crime puzzle game, NCIS: Hidden Crimes relies on your sharp mind to keep moving.

The game is serious, with realistic graphics and incredibly hard cases once you reach the higher levels.

Compared to Criminal Case, the NCIS game is a little bit more complex to solve, meaning you might not love it if you want some casual fun.

Otherwise, it's a brilliant Facebook game that will keep your brain seriously busy!

9. 8 Ball Pool

8 Ball Pool

Drifting away from the casino and crime-solving genres for a bit, 8 Ball Pool is arguably the best pool game on Facebook at the moment.

Aside from the 10 million monthly users, the game packs amazing graphics and play-style. Playing is super simple as you can choose to aim at the balls using your skills... or rely on the helping indicator for guaranteed precision.

Even if you haven't played pool in your life, the rules are well explained and easy to follow.

You can level up, challenge random opponents, or gather some friends and launch the app for a friendly competition. Either way, the title comes highly recommended!

10. Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack

Trivia Crack is simply an all-around question-and-answer Facebook game. You can challenge your Facebook friends and dive into a pool of endless knowledge.

Like the famous board game, this Facebook trivia game offers six sections to play in – Arts and Literature, Entertainment, History and Geography, Sports, Science, and Technology.

Be it for fun or to truly decide which one is the smartest between you and your friends, the game deserves a try.

11. Top 11 Football Manager

Top 11 Football Manager

Sports, strategy, and countless efforts to become the best. If those sound like your game preferences, Top 11 Football Manager is the right fit for a competitive game session.

Reaching the top of the leaderboard doesn't come easy with this one.

From acquiring and training players to playing against the toughest opponents in real time, the app will keep you occupied. Try it out if you've always wanted to lead a football team to the greatest of victories!

12. Glow Hockey

Glow Hockey

One of the most simplistic, yet satisfying, Facebook games ever.

Glow Hockey resembles the renowned Air Hockey game – you aim to score in your opponent's goal whilst defending from their advances.

It is the true definition of a time-killer game. Of course, you can challenge your friends and become the best glow hockey player in the neighborhood!

13. Hero Wars

Hero Wars

Going back in action game history, Hero Wars is a remastered 2D fighting game for iOS and Android.

You are a noble hero, trying to save the so-called Guardians from evil demons and spirits. It is easy to play and advance in, so you won't spend hours just to beat a level.

If you love entering swift battles from hour to hour, this is a great pick to consider.

14. Global Strike

Global Strike

A classic example of first-person shooting game (FPS), Global Strike is a respectable option when you want to play games on Facebook.

Real-like weapons, detailed environment, and multiple game modes keep variety high in this one.

The app runs lightly and it can be launched directly through a browser.

There are app games with better graphics, but GS fits on all types of mobile devices, be it old or new.

15. Lies of Astaroth

Lies of Astaroth

We've reached a card-based app now – Lies of Astaroth combines sensible deck-building with strategic decisions during a fight.

Battling other players isn't as entertaining as Hearthstone, for example, but the game has its plus sides.

For instance, it runs so lightly, you could probably play it on a 10-year-old smartphone. In summary, check it out if you crave an old-school card game experience.

16. Agent Elf

Agent Elf is the sole definition of an endless runner to play on Facebook.

If you've ever played such a game (or have been left without an Internet connection), you'd know the aim of the game.

Run as fast as you can handle, go over obstacles, and gather multipliers for your progress.

The graphics are neat, you're wearing shades, and everything seems so light, you can almost feel yourself flying.

17. Subway Surfers

Subway Surfers

Another endless runner game, Subway Surfers is an advanced version of Agent Elf.

You're a cool kid, running away from an inspector while jumping over trains and other obstacles. The animations are truly mesmerizing, and you can run in 3D, gathering coins and reaching harder levels.

One of the best Facebook games in the genre offers game-related events, taking place at different times – those grant you bonus features and added content.

18. Monster Legends

Monster Legends

Monster Legends has become somewhat of a classic nowadays. It's a multiplayer RPG, where your only goal is to raise a monster strong enough to defeat your enemies.

Each creature has different abilities, and you are free to enhance them however you like.

Level up your toothy army in order to smash even the most powerful of opponents. Battles are turn-based, you can use items, and even return to a field after upgrading your creatures.

19. CSR Racing

CSR Racing

When it comes to free games to play with friends, CSR Racing is a top-notch choice.

It features a series of drag races to explore alone or with opponents. The more you win, the more vehicles you add to your collection.

Upgrades are in place, such as nitrous oxide, massive engines, and better tires. Be it a story-related session or random PVP races, you'll have fun with this one.

20. SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt

SimCity BuildIt is a great Facebook game where you get an entire town to develop and make into yours. It looks like a classic SimCity title, but includes elements from Farmville and other popular Facebook games.

The main target for your characters is to gather resources and use them to build different constructions.

Wood, steel, plastic, lumber, nails, and more are up for grabs for your factories, commercial stores, and residential buildings.

21. MMA Pro Fighter

MMA Pro Fighter

MMA Pro Fighter is primal, intense, and aimed at a full-on fighting brawl for the Championship belts.

You can choose to play versus strangers or invite your friends to try it out. Fighting simulations in the app are realistic and extremely engaging. You are free to customize your character, train, and challenge more powerful opponents to test your progress.

22. Bejeweled Blitz

Bejeweled Blitz

A more advanced version of Candy Crush, this one hits players with harder puzzles and shorter time frames.

It's perfect for short gameplay sessions, but prolonged play may make you dizzy.

Nonetheless, this doesn't seem to stop over 120 million monthly users. You can battle all of them while chasing the highest possible score on each puzzle!

23. Mob Wars

Mob Wars

Played by over 12 million users, Mob Wars opens the door to exciting mob-themed events on your smartphone.

Join a crime family, do dirty jobs, board airplanes, and engage in full-on crime boss battles. There are bounty rewards for valuable characters and players, as well.

Truly among the best Facebook games to master!

24. Farmville 2

Farmville 2

Although this is probably not the type of game you'd expect to find featured on PokerNews, it would be a surprise if you didn't know Farmville 2.

This 3D title became one of Facebook's most popular games already some years ago and has since then taken Facebook players by storm.

The game developers have ensured enough room to explore even for the most dedicated virtual farmers.

Around 5 million players engage in a Farmville 2 session monthly. You can raise animals, harvest crops, cook delicious meals, and much, much more.

Being a free game lets users of all ages around the world play it seriously – the improved graphics and added quests make it a worthy ancestor of the original Farmville!

25. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga

Last, but not least, a true legend in the world of Facebook games.

With over 50 million monthly users, Candy Crush Saga packs nearly 1000 levels to face and complete.

Solving various puzzles requires a sharp mind and quick fingers. You have access to the first few levels for free – defusing bombs and matching candies don't come funnier than that.

Once you invite friends to join you, you'll be able to continue on your quest to the higher levels.

  • From Criminal Case to Slotomania and WSOP Poker: enjoy the best Facebook games. Play ALL the top Facebook games for free online!

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