PokerStars Play Brings Themed Thrills To 6 Player Spin & Go Tourneys

PokerStars Play Sit & Go

The Six-Player Spin & Go is a brand new take on Texas hold'em tournaments from PokerStars Play.

PokerStars Play is a free-to-play poker and casino app available for both iOS and Android. The app allows players to take part in poker tournaments, play scratchers and slots, and chase casino jackpots all for free.

The Six-Player Spin & Go is similar to the more familiar Three-Player Spin And Go. Designed to balance fuller tables with fast-paced action — the six-max tournament is still a short enough table to fill quickly and keep players from having to wait around.

How The PokerStars Play Spin & Go Events Work

At the tourney level, the game is still very familiar. The six-player tournaments are held on Texas hold'em tables. There are three levels of buy-in during each event. Players can play any of the levels providing they have enough free-to-play chips to buy in.

The final two finishers of each six-player tournament receive a reward.

On PokerStars Play, the Six-Player Spin & Go tournaments are each part of days-long "Events" that keep the game visually fresh. During each event, players can win rewards in three different buy-in categories, while playing on cool and ever-changing themed game tables. Tailoring their experience to how many play chips they have available on their account.

themed events

Each of the Spin & Go events takes place over the course of days. The events are made up of any number of six-player sit-and-go tournaments, so players can always find some action.

These Spin & Go tourneys will be part of larger-scale timed "Events." Each event is available for a set time period during which players can enter as many Six-player Spin & Go tournaments as they have chips to buy into. As well as custom tables, each event unique rewards for the relevant tournaments.

When the event ends, it is then replaced by a new event with a new theme. The new theme will be reflected in all the subsequent sit-and-go tourneys.

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How to Get Started on PokerStars Play

Spin & Go menu

PokerStars Play is a free-to-play app available for tablet and mobile devices from either the Play Store for Android or the AppStore for iOs. The apps on both platforms download are quick to download and space efficient, so once you're all set up, you can get on with playing poker.

If you load up PokerStars Play, you’ll quickly how easy it is to navigate the menus. First up, you'll see the Featured Menu, where you can select Texas Hold’em (or one of several slot games that are included with the app). You’ll also have the option to take the Big Spin, which is another way to get chips to use on poker and other games.

From the Featured Menu, you can go to the Poker Menu to find the Six-Player Spin & Go events and tournaments in the lobby tabs down the left-hand side of the window.

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