Best Roulette Strategy Tips: How to Win at Roulette?

Roulette Strategy

This guide has everything you need to know on how to get better at roulette and get better odds when you play this exciting casino game.

If you are new to the roulette wheel, I'll give you all the information you need to get started and get the best chances to win at the game of roulette. I'll also show you the best online casinos to play roulette and where to find the best bonuses and promotions.

Feeling like a roulette pro already? In that case, I'll share with you some actionable hacks and betting strategy tips that might help you.

Bottom line: if you want to discover how to get your best chances to win at roulette — you'll love this guide. Read on to find out more about:

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Getting Started with Roulette Strategy

In this part of our roulette strategy guide, we’ll introduce you to roulette strategy and how you can set yourself up with the best chance to win when you play real money roulette online.

First things first: playing roulette requires patience and dedication. So if you want the right strategy to maximize your chances when playing roulette, you need to focus on the right things. Such as this:

  • You might need to try different strategies before you settle on the right one for you.
  • As such, there are different types of roulette strategy to try, each with advantages and disadvantages.
  • There is no 100% guarantee of wining at roulette, but you can increase your chances of winning by knowing the odds and the different bets you can make.
  • Online roulette is slightly different to playing in a ‘real’ casino, as the results are a little more random and you don’t need to worry about the actions of other players.

How to win at Roulette every spin? You Can't!

Important notice: Roulette is a gambling game and, as such, it depends on luck. The house advantage varies depending on the roulette variant you play but never equals zero.

Also, if at any time you feel things get a little out of control, take this quick test. A little help goes a long way — trust me.

Take all these different sections very seriously. Only if you learn how to apply the roulette tips I'm giving you here will you know how to get your best shot at roulette. It doesn't matter if you gamble for real money or use free chips to play a freeplay game of roulette online. My mission is to let you in all the roulette strategies that will help you get possibly better results than you do today.

Also, please let me remind you that I do not have any 'systems' to win at roulette every time you play or tips to beat the game. Roulette is a defined game with a clear casino advantage. All I can help you do is:

  1. Provide you with details on the different types of roulette strategy.
  2. Some top tips for playing roulette using these strategies.
  3. How to choose the right strategy for you
  4. A list of the best sites to play real money roulette online.

Types of Roulette Strategy

Before we get to specific roulette strategies, you should know that there are two main types, and each strategy can be defined as either one of these:

Progressive Roulette Strategy

In simple terms, a progressive roulette strategy means that you increase the size of your bet with each round. This means that you need to make sure your bankroll can stand increasing your bet, and this also carries more risk. We’ve listed some of these strategies below, and some of these are the most famous you’ll find in the roulette world, such as Martingale, Fibonacci, and D’Alembert

Non-Progressive Roulette Strategy

Non-progressive strategies tend to be simpler in terms how to learn and apply them to your game, although they also come with some risks. As you might expect, a non-progressive roulette strategy means that you bet the same amount each round, which can be useful if you’re playing with a limited bankroll or want to limit your bets.

Roulette Cheat Sheet

Learn the rules of Roulette, see the Payouts and find your best Roulette Strategy with our FREE cheat sheet.

Factors affecting Roulette Betting Strategy

There are number of elements that determine what betting strategy you should adopt for your roulette game. These are typically things like betting limits, what type of roulette you are playing, and the type of specific bet you make. In this part of our roulette strategy guide, we’ll break down these factors, so you know what to weigh up when deciding on your roulette strategy.

Roulette Betting Limits

When picking your roulette strategy, you should consider the minimum and maximum bet limits for the game you’re playing, and whether this suits the strategy you want to try. If you want to adopt the Progressive Roulette Strategy, you’ll find that you can only increase your bet in each round before you reach the maximum bet limit.

Roulette Game Type

The American roulette wheel has one additional pocket as the American roulette wheel features a second green slot with a double zero, '00'. Oddly enough, the two variants of the game feature the same payouts, meaning you will get paid 35-to-1 every time you nail the single right number. On the American roulette wheel as much as on the European roulette wheel.

What differs, however, are your chances to win at the game. The fact the European roulette wheel features 37 slots means you have one chance in 37 to win every time you place a bet on a single number.

Read more about the differences between American and European Roulette.

Roulette Bet Choice

The type of bet you choose to make will also be impacted by your chosen strategy, and this will also impact how much of a payout you can expect. A strategy that specifies ‘even money bets’, like betting on the outcome being an odd or even number, or betting on red or black, will mean that you’re more likely to win but your payout will be smaller as the odds are much shorter.

Conversely most ‘inside bets’, like a straight up bet on a specific number, or a ‘street’ bet where you bet on a row of numbers, are riskier as the outcome is less likely, but the payout will usually be higher.

You should ensure you pick a strategy where the choice of bet lines up with your bankroll and your preferred way of playing. See all the different roulette bet types in our How To Play Roulette Guide for Beginners.

Roulette Table & Chips

Best Roulette Strategy

So you’ve considered your playing style, your preferred game and selected your bets. Now lets find a roulette strategy that’s right for you and that aligns with these factors.

We’ve listed the main roulette strategy types below, along with some details of what makes these strategies good and what you might need to watch out for. Let’s dive in!

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale Strategy is one of the most popular betting patterns in the world of gambling. My guess? People love to follow the Martingale strategy when they play roulette because it's the easiest betting strategy in the world. However what you will learn in the next five minutes, is whether or not the Martingale betting strategy works on the roulette wheel.

(Spoiler alert: it doesn't)

The basics of this betting strategy are simple:

  • Each time you place a bet and you lose, you should repeat the same bet but with double the money.
  • By doing so, you are guaranteed that you will break even and recoup all your roulette losses as soon as you win just one bet.

There's a catch, though.

The exponential growth of your bets might become unmanageable unless you don't win a game within an handful of spins.

Let's imagine you are betting $2 on each spin and you decide to follow the Martingale betting strategy. Here's what happens if you lose eight bets consecutively:

Bet NumberAmountSpin Outcome

While the Martingale gives you the illusion of a safety net, you need to be careful if you choose this roulette strategy. Be sure to start from the lowest bet allowed and to follow the progression closely.

Grand Martingale Roulette Strategy

Another system many players use when they hope (in vain) to beat roulette is the Grand Martingale, a (pricey) variant of the regular Martingale roulette system.

The Grand Martingale works exactly as the Martingale, but on steroids. Every time you double your bet, you also add an extra amount equal to your initial bet.

If you follow my advice on starting from the minimum bet, that means you are always going to 2x your losing bet + adding one more minimum bet on top of that.

Following the example above, here's how it works:

Bet NumberAmountSpin Outcome
2$4 + $2Lost
3$8 + $2Lost
4$16 + $2Lost
5$32 + $2Lost
6$64 + $2Lost
7$128 + $2Lost
8$256 + $2Lost

D’Alembert Roulette Strategy

The D'Alembert betting strategy is a popular betting system that is commonly used in roulette, and is a negative progression betting system, which means that the player increases their bet size after each loss and decreases it after each win.

The basic idea behind the D'Alembert strategy is to even out losses and wins over time by betting more when losing and less when winning.

To use the D'Alembert roulette strategy, you start by choosing your bet amount - $1 for example. When you lose a bet, you increase your next bet by $1, and after a win, you decrease your bet by the same amount.

The idea behind this strategy is that you are more likely to win after a loss, so by increasing your bet after a lost bet, you can take advantage of this. Similarly, when you lose a bet, you’re more likely to lose the next bet, so by decreasing your bet you can avoid losing too much money.

Here's how it works in practice:

Bet NumberAmountSpin OutcomeProfit

While the D'Alembert betting strategy can be effective in the short term, it is important to note that it is not a guaranteed winning system, and it can lead to significant losses over time, especially in games with high house edges. You should set a limit on both your bets and your bankroll to avoid excessive losses.

Andrucci Roulette Strategy

The Andrucci Strategy is a more high-risk roulette strategy, and as such should be used with caution. The theory behind this strategy is based on the idea that certain numbers will appear with more regularity as the game progresses, although there is no evidence that this occurs in reality.

The way to play with the Andrucci Strategy is to begin with random bets, and to note done the outcome of these bets. After you’ve made around 30 bets, you can look for the numbers that appear the most and make straight bets on these same numbers. As the evidence doesn’t back this theory, you can see how adopting this strategy can make your bankroll drop quickly if you’re not careful!

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

This strategy adopts the same theory as the Fibonacci number sequence, which dictates that the next number in a sequence can be found by adding the two proceeding numbers:

0, 1, 1 (0+1), 2 (1+1), 3 (1+2), 5 (2+3), 8 (3+5), 13 (5+8) and so on

With roulette, this sequence determines your stake for each bet, with the amount being the sum of the two bets made previously. If you win back two places in the sequence, but if you lose you proceed to the next number in the sequence. You start with a stake of $1.

Here's how it works:

Bet NumberAmountSpin OutcomeProfit

James Bond Roulette Strategy

Also known as the beginners' favorite, the James Bond strategy combines bets to give you the best odds of winning on roulette, although it does require a decent bankroll to be effective.

To follow the James Bond roulette strategy, you need to place the following bets on the same spin, using a $20 stake in this example:

  • €1 on the zero
  • €14 on the 19-36 box
  • €5 on the 13-18 box

What makes this one of the best strategies to play roulette?

You only lose if a roulette wheel stops with the ball being on a number between 1 and 12.

Paroli Roulette Strategy

Also called the ‘Reverse Martingale Strategy’, the Paroli strategy increases or decreases your bet with each spin, depending on the outcome.

With a losing bet, you keep your bet at the base amount (let’s say $1 for ease), but each time you win, you double your bet. After you win three times, your bet resets to the base amount once again.

Bet NumberAmountSpin OutcomeProfit

How to Choose the Best Roulette Strategy for you

You’ll have learnt by now that there are a multitude of roulette strategies to choose from when you’re playing online roulette. So it’s also hugely important to examine each strategy alongside the types of bets you plan to make, the type of roulette being played, and how the minimum and maximum bet limits affect your bankroll. You can also narrow down your choice by deciding on a Non-Progressive or Progressive strategy.

There are also a few factors you can decide on, which will help you to pick the right strategy for you:

  • How experienced are you playing roulette?
  • How much are you playing with? Is it a safe amount or an amount you can afford to lose?
  • Why are you playing roulette? Are you playing to improve your skills or to try to make some money
    Note, roulette is a game of chance and there is a house edge with ervry casino you play with, so we don’t recommend using roulette as a main source of income.

Our Top Tips for Playing Roulette

As well as the information above and the different strategies you can adopt, there are also some fundamental tips and guidance for playing roulette. We’ve gathered these below so you have them to hand when playing roulette online:

  1. Practice for Free Before Playing for Real Money
    Like a lot of casino games, it’s a good idea to practice playing a specific game for free, before betting real money. This is useful to practice and improve your skills, but also if you wanted to test out a roulette strategy for real. See below for the best places to play free roulette online.
  2. Study the Table and Understand the Rules, Bet Types & Odds
    To know the fundamentals of roulette (as well as the roulette strategies), you should study and know the roulette table. This will help you understand the different bets that you can make, and how each strategy applies to making bets.
  3. Place Smaller Bets so You Can Play for Longer
    It sounds obvious but making your bankroll last longer with smaller bets is a good idea. Not only will it stretch your game out, but it means you can try out a roulette strategy (ior more than one) without worrying that you’ll run out of cash.
  4. Don’t Play Black and Red
    Whilst selecting red or black is one of the outside bets you can make, relying this as your sole roulette strategy is a fallacy and not one that will make money in the long term. Whether or not red or black has won in the previous spin, has no bearing on the outcome of the next spin.
  5. Play Outside Bets
    The best way to win more games on roulette (or to minimize the risk to lose money on the roulette wheel, if you wish) is to focus on the outside bets. Although these roulette bets do not lead to mind-blowing wins, keeping your bets on the odds/even, red/black, and high/low gives you the highest chances to score a win. These are by far the best bets in a game of roulette and the only ones a beginner should focus on. The outside bets pay 1:1 and give you almost 50 percent chances to win every bet you place.
  6. Take Advantage of Bonuses
    Depending on your location and the real money casinos available to you, you may be able to take advantage of specific bonuses when you join an online casino. If you can find one, a no deposit bonus, means that you can sign-up at an online casino and play for free, without risking any of your own money.
  7. Experiment with Combination Bets for Bigger Wins
    Even though we favor outside bets when playing roulette, it’s also a good idea to mix this strategy up with some combinations. These can be split bets, where you bet on the border between two numbers, corner bets, which are bet on a square block of four numbers, and line bets, which cover six adjoining numbers.
  8. Take Regular Breaks
    Like all online gambling, be it roulette, poker or slots, you should ensure you take regular breaks and never play for too long in one sitting at a time.
  9. Take Your Losses
    Another tip which is just good common sense when it comes to gambling, you need to ensure you bet within your means and have an idea of what your maximum amount is. The worst thing you can do is to chase your losses by making more and more bets to try and recoup your money.
  10. Set a betting limit and only bet what you can afford
    Of all the tips on here, this one is absolutely fundamental and if you take away nothing else, then this is one rule to live by.

The Best Sites to Practice Online Roulette for Free

The best way to learn how to play and get your best chances to win at roulette online is to start from the freeplay option. If you don't know where to get some free roulette action, I created a list of the best sites that combine free and real money roulette games.

With the free games you can get familiar with the roulette wheel, the table structure, the payout structure, and the personality of the live dealer - if you decide to play online live roulette.

Here's a shortlist of the best online roulette sites that offer free accounts to play and practice:

The best way to start? Open a free account at one of these casino sites. There you can practice roulette online and learn how to play your games.

A freeplay account with lots of demo money is extremely useful if you are a roulette beginner and you need to practice online.

It's the simplest and safest way to learn the differences between the betting strategies we’ve outlined in this guide.

Best Sites to Play Real Money Roulette Online

In the US, online Roulette for real money is available to play only in regulated States such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and New Jersey. If you're looking to start playing online Roulette right now, then we recommend FanDuel Casino, PokerStars Casino, BetMGM or Caesars.

For players based outside of the US, there are many online casino options for Roulette, such as 888casino, bet 365 Casino, PartyCasino, and PokerStars Casino.

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Roulette Strategy FAQs

What is the best strategy for roulette?

As you can see from our examples in this guide, all roulette strategies carry some risks and are connected to the size of your bankroll.

The most important thing to do while playing on the roulette wheel is to concentrate on the bets that give you the best odds, regardless of the payouts.

Can you learn to win at Roulette every time?

Put simply, no, you cannot learn to win at Roulette every time. Roulette is a game of chance and one where the casino has a house edge. Researching roulette strategy and knowing the best action to take in a game of roulette can help, however, to make for a better game.

What are the best bets in roulette?

The 'safest' bets in roulette are those that give you almost 50% winning chances. These are odds/even, red/black, and high/low.

How do you win big money at online roulette?

The ‘easiest’ way to win bigger amounts is through single bets, which is betting on a single number on the roulette table. The odds for a single bet are 35-1 so depending on the amount being staked, this is the best way to win a bigger amount.

Can you win more by doubling up after a loss using the Martingale system?

No system or strategy is foolproof but in theory, the Martingale strategy can help to win back money from any losses by doubling your bet each time. The accuracy of this system cannot be guaranteed, however.

Are there software programs to help you decide what bets to make?

There are a number of software programs and mobile apps which promise to ‘predict’ what bet to make when playing roulette. However these should be given a wide berth as no system or piece of software can override the random nature of the outcome of a bet.

What is the 666 strategy in roulette?

The 666 strategy is one of the roulette strategies you should avoid at all costs. It's an expensive way to play roulette (you need at least $66 per spin) and it doesn't offer great chances to win.

What is the James Bond roulette strategy?

As explained in this article, the James Bond roulette strategy requires to place the following bets on each spin of the roulette wheel (using a stake of $20):

  • €1 on the zero
  • €14 on the 19-36 box
  • €5 on the 13-18 box

While this gives you good winning odds, it is also a very expensive betting strategy and it is not a good starting point for beginners looking for ways to win a little more at the game.

Why are the table limits relevant in the Martingale strategy?

Since you'll need to 2x the size of your bet every time you lose (see here), it's crucial you start from the lowest possible bets. Doing otherwise might lead to bets you can't afford and kick you out of the game very quickly.

What is the difference between the Martingale and Grand Martingale betting systems?

While in the Martingale you need to 2x your losing bet to continue in the game, the Grand Martingale sees you doubling the size of the losing bet and adding 1x initial bet to the new amount.

Can you hack the roulette wheel to win more?

No. Despite the number of websites that offer hacks to control the roulette wheel or predict the numbers when you play online, hacking a roulette wheel is not possible.