Nikhil Arcot

Nikhil Arcot
GPI rank: 54232
Total Live Earnings: $20,700
United States United States
Nickname: Nik Airball
Last Seen in: 2023 World Series of Poker
The Hendon Mob


Nikhil Arcot, better known in the poker world as “Nik Airball,” is a regular in the highest stakes games on Hustler Casino Live.

Nik Airball Background

Nik Airball’s background can be a bit confusing and has often led to some questioning where he got his money. From public records research on the poker player, he was previously an investment banker for KAL Capital Markets LLC, which is apparently where his wealth originally came from, although some dispute that.

Arcot lives in Los Angeles, California and regularly competes on Hustler Casino Live.

Nik Airball Poker History

Nik Airball is only in his mid-20’s so he doesn’t have an extensive history playing poker, at least not in public games. But he did burst onto the scene on Hustler Casino Live on February 1, 2022. In that session, he won $14,925.

The young poker player would go on to have great success on HCL and ran up an overall profit of over $1 million while on stream up until a brutal session on St. Patrick’s Day 2023 when he lost over $750,000.

Is Nik Airball Good at Poker?

Determining if someone is good at poker is subjective. But if we're comparing Nik Airball to, say, Stephen Chidwick or Alex Foxen, you won't find many people arguing that he is as skilled.

But he mostly plays in high stakes private games on Hustler Casino Live or other live-streams where the competition isn't that strong. In most of those games, he's proven to be a winning player, and that's all that really matters.

Wealth - What is Nik Airball’s Net Worth?

There's been quite a bit of debate about Nik Airball's net worth and where exactly he got his money. Arcot has been silent publicly about where his money came from, but research indicates he was previously an investment banker.

Many poker fans have cracked jokes about how he could possibly have such a massive bankroll simply from working as an investment banker. But the fact of the matter is, however he got it, Nik Airball has a seven-figure bankroll to play poker and likely a net worth of millions.

Nik Airball - Doug Polk - Matt Berkey Feud

On Doug Polk's podcast in March 2023, Nik Airball defended his character after being trashed by Garrett Adelstein. Late in that podcast, he also took a shot at Matt Berkey, referring to the Solve for Why founder as a "scammer" who charges way too much for his poker training site.

Polk and Berkey would then feud on social media over the conversation, and then Nik Airball and Berkey would eventually face off in a bitter heads-up poker match at Resorts World in Las Vegas. Polk helped coach Airball for the match, although it didn't help much.

Nik Airball FAQs

What is Nik Airball's real name?

Nik Airball's real name is Nikhil Arcot.

Where is Nik Airball from?

Nik Airball lives in Los Angeles but is originally from New York.

What does Nik Airball do for a living?

He previously worked as an investment banker but is now a professional poker player.

Is Nik Airball an investment banker?

Not anymore, but that was his previous occupation.

Does Nik Airball have a wife?

Nik Airball is not married.

Does Nik Airball have an Instagram?

Nik Airball either does not have an Instagram or he isn't active on IG.

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